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    1. Read up the bylaws/constitutions of the association on the ABTN website. 

    2. Certificate of CAC businesses registration for studios registration. 

    3. Certificate of teachers training in ballet from a reputable school, institution or societies. If undergoing training in ABTN certification programs please state so in your applications. 

    4. Certificate of first aid training with the Red Cross Society. 

    5. Updates, news etc will be mailed monthly to all members and non members who wish to be added to our mailing list will receive a monthly newsletter from the ABTN mail listings. 

    6. A written CV or portfolio (not compulsory) 

    7. Registration fee

    A. Regular teachers registration is #24,000 annually. Names of teachers will be listed out on the ABTN website. Teachers can add to their title as "member of ABTN"

    B. Premium teachers registration is #60,000 annually. Names of teachers will be listed with their full biography and professional portfolio along side a head shot photo. Teacher can add to their title "member of ABTN" 

    C. School registration is #60,000 annually. This is opened to registered studios or companies with CAC.  
    The ABTN logo can only be used by registered schools on their fliers, their ceremonial events will be advertised on the ABTN website and social platforms  including admission promos.

    Click Here to start your membership registration, if all requirements are met, Your membership will be approved before you proceed to pay your membership fee.

     You will be required to email a copy of receipt payments with other documentation to membership@abtn.org.

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