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     (Professor in Alicia Alonso University Madrid, Spain)



    Surname: Navarro Sanler

    Name: Ioshinobu

    Academic Training :

    PhD in Arts and Humanities (Cum Laudem ) from Rey Juan Carlos University Official Postgraduate .

    Master's Degree in Performing Arts (Rey Juan Carlos University)

    Master's Degree in Formative Processes in the teaching of the Arts (University of the Arts, Havana Cuba)

    University Degree in Dancing Art with specialization in Classical Dance , Cuban school of ballet (University of Arts, Havana, Cuba).

    Teaching experience :

    2013-2020 (present) Research Staff at the Rey Juan Carlos University in the Visual Arts and Dance and Pedagogy of Visual Arts and Dance. University Institute of Dance "Alicia Alonso"

    2015: Guest Professor Presjoven School and International Music Festival .

    2010-2013 Associate Professor with Instructor category, at the University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA) , Faculty of Dance , Havana. Specialist Technique August Burnonville . (Danish School), Specialist in Methodology of the E nseñanza of dance and of the duo c lásico (Escuela Cubana).

    2007-2008 Professor in vocational training Cuban ballet school , medium level. National Ballet School (Cuba)

    2006-2007 Professor in professional training Cuban ballet school , elementary level. AlejoCarpentier School. Havana Cuba.

    2006-2007 Young Rehearsal Master Guardia Prodanza Center of Cuba.

    2004-2005 Ballet Master Cuballet of Summer , Centro Prodanza of Cuba.

    International Teaching Experience:


    2018 National Dance School ; Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.

    2018 Hacettepe Üniversitesi Ankara Devlet Konservatuvarr Turkey

    2018 University of Whenzhou . Conservatory of Music and Dance.

    2016 Master in National Ballet of China. Assembly Assistant in the Art Director Frank Andersen's team, for the production of La Sylphide.

    Research Experience:

    2014-2017 Research on the August Bournonville Repertoire as a model for the preservation of European Dance heritage. Doctoral thesis Cum Laudem .

    2016. Speaker at the International Congress of Universities. Havana. Cuba

    2016. Speaker at the International Symposium on Higher Artistic Teaching. Havana Cuba.

    2016. Roundtable Communicator; Accreditation of the Performing Arts Careers, in the International Accreditation Program. Havana Cuba.

    2008-2013 National Museum of Dance, Havana.

    Category: Researcher

    Historical Archive Director Alicia Alonso.

    Documentary production: Three Myths for a Night, which includes the first and only meeting of the soprano Victoria de los Ángeles, Alicia Alonso and Rudolf Nureyev .(2010)

    2008 -2013 Editor of the Cuba Magazine in the Ballet. National Ballet of Cuba.

    Participation in Congresses:

    2019. Coordinator of the Academic Committee of the 1st World Research Congress for the Performing Arts; and Participant of the Research table for the Arts of the show, with the presentation. The development of ballet art . Background of the emergence of ballet as a scenic show.

    2016: International University Congress. Havana Cuba.

    2016: Symposium of Higher Artistic Teaching. Havana Cuba

    2016: 1st Day of Higher Artistic Teaching. Madrid. URJC

    Published Articles :

    THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ART OF THE BALLET. Background of the emergence of ballet as a scenic show. I nvestigartes.com Magazine of Art, Education and Philosophy. Nº 6 November of 2019. ISSN : 1989-9017

    The scenic language that forms the repertoire of August Bournonville . © EUROPEAN REVIEW OF ARTISTIC STUDIES 2016, vol . 7, n. 4, pp. 14-58 ISSN 1647-3558 Dancer beyond the gesture. Cuba Magazine in the Ballet, No. 125 of 2012 Augusto Bournonville and the Cuban school of Ballet , published in the magazine Cuba in Ballet Number 118 of 2008. Publication of the article The delight of a Giselle , article published on the website of the Women Magazine. October 18, 2007. http://www.mujeres.co.cu/articulo.asp?a=2007&num=356&art=28

    Languages : Spanish , English

    Artistic Experience:

    2002-2007 Dance Company “Laura Alonso” Dance Promotion Center. Havana. Cuba

    1998- 2002 Ballet of Mexico City.

    1997-1998 . Ballet Prodanza , Centro Prodanza de Cuba.

    Artistic creation .


    2017. Patio dos Amores. Madrid Chamber Ballet.

    2017. Danzón # 5. Madrid Chamber Ballet.

    2015. Just a tango. Madrid Chamber Ballet.

    2015. Regarding Bola. Show with the pianist Jordi Sabatés . Madrid Chamber Ballet. Segovia Festival in Dance.

    2015. Bachiando . Madrid Chamber Ballet. International Spring Dance Gala.

    2015. Say Something . Madrid Chamber Ballet. Segovia Festival in Dance.

    2014. C´est l amour . Madrid Chamber Ballet. Segovia Festival in Dance.

    2014. Romeo and Juliet. Madrid Chamber Ballet. International Fall Dance Gala.

    2012. Choreography for the Choir Solfa belonging to the Coral Schola Catorum the work "Le Rat de ville et le Rat des champs " by Julien Joubert . Compulsory work of the International Tour Choir Contest, France.

    2011. Tribute, choreography tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the elementary ballet school AlejoCarpentier.

    2011. Art direction of graduation and 50th Anniversary of the elementary ballet school AlejoCarpentier.

    2011. Choreography Absent from me. National Ballet of Cuba.

    2009-2010. assistant director of musical shows of the Habaguanex company . Director Francisco González.

    2004. Portrait of woman with hat. Mexico. International Ballet Festival.

    2004. Without, without. Mexico. International Ballet Festival.

    Replenishments and research :

    2017: Assembly and Replacement of the Nápoli Ballet , Choreography by August Bournonvile , Madrid Chamber Ballet. (Premiere in Spain)

    2016: Assembly and replacement of the ballet The Sylph choreography by August Bournonville , Ballet de Cámara de Madrid. (premiere in Spain)

    2015: Assembly and Replacement of the La Sílfide Ballet. Choreography by August Bournonville, National Ballet of China, Beijing (part of the assembly team led by Maître Frank Andersen)

    Artistic experience as an interpreter .



    Nutcracker, Snow Knight, Sugar Fairy Knight, Russians , Chinese Dance .

    Swan Lake

    Siegfried, Pas de Trois ,Waltz (Pas de six ) Cups, Zcharda , Mazurca .


    Friends, Waltz of the Hours, Zcharda ,Mazurca.

    Pedro and the wolf .Pedro .

    La Bayadera : pas de deux 2nd act. Choreography on the original by Rudolf Nureyev . Romeo and Juliet : pas de deux from the balcony, assembly by Menia Martínez on the original by Kenneth MacMillan .

    Criying Time: choreography: Lambrose Lambruv Ballet of the Prodanza Center , attached to the National Ballet of Cuba. Director: Laura Alonso


    The lake of the swans

    Pas de trois, Vals (pas de six) C orth , Zcharda .


    Sailors, Minions, Arabs , Solo couples of II act.


    Russians, Merlitones , Jesters, Chinese .


    Cor . Hector Figueredo: Warriors, Grand Pas Soloist, Fans, Raja (character character) Don Quixote

    Seguidilla, Bullfighters, Gypsies, Fandango, Kitri's father Tavernkeeper (character character)


    Friends, Waltz of the Hours, Zcharda ,Mazurca.

    Dracula Choreography: Nana Badrenas Court, Warriors, Knights of the Feast of Lucy, Egyptian Vampire, Messenger Le Chevalier de Saint George .

    Choreography : Héctor Figueredo Knight of the court of Louis XVI, Soldier of the French Revolution .

    Yarini choreography: Ivan Monreal Clients, Pimps, Photographer, Cleans boots, Bourgeoisie.

    Schumann: Peter Quanz choreography

    Tarantela: choreography George Balanchine

    Coppelia ( pas de deux ) : choreography Alicia Alonso on the original by Artur Saint León

    Llamas de Paris ( pas de deux ): choreography Laura Alonso on Vasily Vainonen's original

    Guillermo Tel l ( pas de deux ) : choreography Augusto Bournonville .

    Festival of flowers in Genzano ( pas de deux ). Choreography Augusto Bournonville .

    La Bayadera ( pas de deux 2nd act). Choreography Rudolf Nureyev

    Romeo and Juliet : assembly of Menia Martínez on the original by Kenneth MacMillan .

    Napoli (Pas de six ,Tarantela): choreography Augusto Bournonville .

    D symphony : choreography: Jiry Killiam

    Flavor concert: choreography: Alberto Méndez

    Presence: choreography: Héctor Figueredo / Ivan Monreal

    Dolls: choreography Alberto Méndez

    Figurations: choreography: Héctor Figueredo

    Criying Time: choreography: Lambrose Lambruv

    Jealousy: choreography: Iván Monreal Alonso

    Without, without: choreography: Ioshinobu Navarro

    My danzón : choreography: Lupe Calzadilla

    Red Roses: choreography: Shephen Mills

    Pandemium : choreography: Héctor Figueredo.

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