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    These laws are designed to help us work professionally and were put together by all members of the ABTN at the first general meeting held during the teachers retreat in Lagos, on the 1st and 2nd  September 2019. 

    1. Members are to support each other by all means possible. 

    2. Members are to promote the ABTN association by all available means. 

    3. Members are expected to attend all International,  national and regional programs.

    4. Members are expected to be of good conduct at all times and in all places. Any found wanting will be punished accordingly, these punishments will be decided by the excos or board of trustees if need be.

    5. Membership fee are to be renewed annually with a membership certification issued to registered members. 

    6. Members are not allowed to copy other members intellectual properties, choreographies, customized costumes etc.  Except permission is granted. A penalty fee will be charged for defaulters. 

    7. If hiring a teacher who once worked in another member studio, you must notify the other studio or company of the teachers' intention to work with you for an approval. If denied for reasons not understood kindly inform the ABTN excos for intervention and clarity. 

    8. Members are not allowed to criticize other members privately or publicly. If you have any observations, it should be made know to the teacher directly and respectfully via personal contact otherwise inform the ABTN excos such as the Secretary general and it will be directed to the appropriate leaders. 

    9. Members are not allowed to apply to a school which already has an ABTN teacher except contacted by the school. But a confirmation letter from the supposed previous teacher must be asked for with teacher stating his or her withdrawal from the school in question. 

    10. Maximum respect must be shown to members and leaders. No form of misconduct will be tolerated as anyone can lose his or her membership. 

    11. Members are not allowed to open a studio less than two kilometers to an existing ABTN member studio. 

    12. Members are not allowed to steal other members students. We believe in grooming our own students from scratch. Members are therefore charged to request a transfer letter from students coming from other studios, if not presented do not admit such students. we must promote oneness and not strive. 

    13. Members must have their studio/business name  registered with the CAC. 

    14. Members must have an up to date certification from the Red Cross Society.

    15. Members must be responsible with tax payments. 

    Leadership criteria 

    1. Elected leaders must be a ballet studio owner 

    2. Elected leaders must be in ballet teaching practice for at least 5 years. 

    3. Mandatory that all leaders must be present in  the annually scheduled leaders meeting. 

    4. Leaders who are not functional will be asked to resign or voted out by the excos on an annual basis. 

    5. To be eligible for leadership in ABTN, teacher must be a member of the association for a minimum of two years. 

    6. To aspire for leadership in ABTN, aspirants will be required to have a teaching certification in ballet from a recognized School, Company or Society. 

    7. Leadership awards will be awarded to most effective leaders
     ( an honorary award of service at every hand over, nominees will be selected by leaders after a review of each leaders works ). 

    8. Leadership aspirants must not be involved in leadership in a similar NGO that has to do with dance. This is to help us have effective leaders and prevent conflict of interest.

    9. handing over will be every four years. A leader can be  re-elected back to the same office or another if he  or she so desire to work more but by voting and with a maximum of two tenures. 

    10. Each leader will be accountable for his or her office.

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