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  • President and Founder



    Esther Igho Oladipupo
     President / Chairman ABTN.


    (CEO and Founder Kingdom Ballet Company)



    Esther Igho Oladipupo is the President and Founder of the Association of Ballet Teachers of Nigeria. An NGO with a clear purpose of promoting professionalism in the art of ballet dance in Nigeria.

    She is the CEO and Founder of Kingdom Ballet Company in Edo State, a company whose Academy sector has trained over a thousand children and teenagers in the past ten years of existence.

    Esther is trained in the Cecchetti ballet methods and also in the Cuban Ballet Method. She is very knowledgeable in the French methods. Her exposure to various ballet methods makes her very resourceful in teaching. She offers vocational training at her studio (Kingdom Ballet Academy).

    Esther has trained with renowned professional dancers and teachers and did her first Teachers training at the Joburg Ballet School under the supervision of the the Joburg Ballet CEO "Esther Nasser".

    Esther has trained with the International Dance medicine and science and is very well knowledgeable about the dancers body anatomy.

    She is a member of the International Dance Council CID in Paris and passionate about the dance art.

    Her dream of bringing the Nigeria Ballet to the world standard is becoming a reality with the association's set programs to effectively educate her teachers

    These are but a few interesting things about Esther Igho Oladipupo. 






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