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  • Our History


    From a ballet teachers retreat organized by Esther Igho Oladipupo the director of Kingdom Ballet Company, the Association of Ballet Teachers of Nigeria was birthed.The Founder Esther Igho Oladipupo shared her vision of bringing ballet teachers of Nigeria under one roof to achieving a common goal. She titled it " BUILDING  A DANCE COMMUNITY FOR BALLET TEACHERS IN NIGERIA " 

    She explained how so much can be achieved as an association, creating a learning environment for ballet teachers to attain professionalism in the art. Offering environments that support growth in a positive way such as, ballet teachers retreat for member teachers, attending teachers training and workshops in local, national and international avenues, making sure all member teacher strives for excellence, giving members a recognition in Nigeria and abroad, creating opportunities for their student, harmonizing the relationship among teachers with same interests by encouraging collaboration and partnership among members of the association.


  • President and Founder



    Esther Igho Oladipupo
     President / Chairman ABTN.


    (CEO and Founder Kingdom Ballet Company)



    Esther Igho Oladipupo is the President and Founder of the Association of Ballet Teachers of Nigeria. An NGO with a clear purpose of promoting professionalism in the art of ballet dance in Nigeria.


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